Sunday, August 14, 2005

Niko making his case for the starting spot

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture of Niko after having striiped the ball from Duece McCallister, says everything you need to know about what kind of case Niko is making for the starting spot at MLB.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Niko Koutouvides, Superhero

Niko Koutouvides, LB, Seattle Seahawks
Height: 6-2 Weight: 238 Experience: 1 years
Born: 3/25/1981 Birthplace: Plainville, CT College: Purdue

That's our hero Niko Koutouvides, #53, MLB Seattle Seahawks.

Cool huh!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Apparent Job Security For Niko

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Don't be the Nail!

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Yaaah, you know that's cool!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

An Interview with our Superhero

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Niko Koutouvides led the Seahawks with 16 special teams tackles in the 2004 season, but it was the opportunity to see regular game action that mattered more for the then-rookie linebacker.

Koutouvides started the final two regular season games at middle linebacker for the Seahawks, his first career starts, as well as the postseason matchup against St. Louis. His 8 tackles in the final regular season game against Atlanta also tied a team high with Isaiah Kacyvenski. But it's a new season ahead, and Niko knows that the starting middle linebacker position is still up for grabs in 2005.

"In this league you've always got to compete for the starting position, and that's what I'm going to have to do," says Koutouvides. "In order for me to be the starter I've got to keep putting my work in the weight room and the film room, and keep learning as much as possible, especially as a middle linebacker. You're the leader of the defense, you've got to know your checks, and you're got to take over games."

While the Seahawks are just a few days into their off-season workout program, Niko has been a regular around the office complex for the last few weeks, reviewing his game performances from last season and what he can do to improve on them.

"These last three weeks I've been in the film room going over an entire evaluation of how many plays I was involved in, and what I actually did and what I could do better," he says. "Find out what my weaknesses were and what I need to improve on to get better for this year."

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Niko's Big Hit on Tobeck

Remember the time when Niko Koutouvides blasted a hit on Robbie Tobeck during practice and Trent Dilfer taped an outline onto the turf, of where Tobeck's body had lain? archived story

Quarterback Trent Dilfer lies on the turf at the team's practice facility as team staffer Brent Hanson creates a chalk outline of him. Dilfer was playing a practical joke on teammate Robbie Tobeck, who was laid out by Niko Koutouvides during a practice.

Here's Dilfer's revenge for all of Tobeck's practical jokes, scrawled in chalk on the practice field last week, an outline of a body with Tobeck's No. 61 scribbled on the chest. The quarterback put it there to remind Tobeck of the blast-off he recieved from Niko Koutouvides in practice a couple of days before.

Niko "the party guy" Suavve, or Niko "the Superhero"?

Koutouvides, whose handsome looks earned him thenickname “Niko Suave,” admits to a hard-partying past anda loose tongue on the football field. But he plans to lastlonger than three years in the NFL, and not to remind peo-ple of Bosworth.

“I did my partying in my younger days at Purdue. That was just getting into college and having fun,” Koutouvides,23, told CSM shortly after Seattle drafted him in the fourthround (116th overall) in April’s draft. “The talking trash,when I get into the game I’m having fun. Words are flying,I’m getting competitive, and that’s how I play.”

Seattle and head coach Mike Holmgren liked that fire from Koutouvides, who said the Seahawks saw past his reputation.“Seattle probably saw hardworking, determined, phys-ical kid, who can come in here and make an impact on theteam,” said Koutouvides, who is 6’2” and 238 pounds and is competing for the starting middle linebacker position onHolmgren’s defense. He is also expected to contribute on special teams.

Koutouvides said he’s ready to work hard,and ready to erase any doubts about his reputation. He has no intention of mirroring the controversial exploits ofBosworth, who might be known more for starring in the film“Stone Cold” than for playing in the NFL. In fact, when given the option of wearing Bosworth’s old number, 55,Koutouvides promptly declined. He wore 34 at Purdue, butwill wear 53 in Seattle.“It was either that or 55, and I didn’t want the Bosworthcurse,” Koutouvides said, laughing.The best way to avoid “the curse” is to work hard onthe field, not play hard off it, he realizes. And hard work,Koutouvides said, runs in his family.

Stelios and Niki Koutouvides own and operate TheStonewell Restaurant in Farmington. He said his parents area paragon of hard work, and he cited them as the biggestinfluence on his life.“Being the owner of a restaurant is very intense. They work 80 hours a week. They’d give the shirts off their back to me and my brothers. To see how hard they work influ-enced me to work just as hard,” Koutouvides said.He was the sixth middle linebacker selected overalland recently signed a three-year contract worth$1,225,000. With the contract ironed out, the rookie can now focus on adjusting to NFL football.

"Players are faster, stronger,tougher, and smarter than at the collegiate level", -Koutouvides